Overland ADCT Appoints Shirley Xu as Chief Medical Officer

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We are proud to announce the appointment of Shirley Xu as Chief Medical Officer of Overland ADCT Biopharma. At Overland ADCT,she will play a pivotal leadership role within the organization. Among other responsibilities, Shirley will spearhead the establishment of overall medica strategy and development capability while working closely with Overland's clinical and regulatory team to further expand and accelerate the progress of our ADC portfolio programs.

Shirley has 10 years extensive medical experience at two multinational pharmaceutical companies, 6 years with AZ and 4 years with Roche.Her latest role was Associate Vice President, Medical Affairs(Oncology, team size 235). In AZ, she demonstrated strong scientific leadership to accelerate CDx development and BD strategy, led innovative way to generate evidence with abundant high impactful publications which changed clinical practice and developed innovative solution to diseases.In Roche,she was Disease Area Head of Hematology and drove FL label expansion with RWE successfully.

Prior to MNCs, Shrley was Attending Physician, Hematologist in Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital for more than 10 years. She demonstrated strong expertise in Solid Tumor and Hematology Disease Area of relevance established top KEE network.